Step by step instructions for Filing a Claim with Zeyo

Here’s a detailed step by step instruction guide to our claim filing process. In the event that you need help, feel free to chat with us below.

  1. Navigate to “File a Claim” in the top right hand corner of the site.
  2. Enter your contact information (name, email, and phone number)
  3. Tell us who your dispute is with: an individual or business. Fill in their contact information (email, address, phone number) so that we can notify them of the claim being brought against them. Zeyo Tip: If possible, include an email address for your opponent. This helps increase the odds of response & makes the process easier and quicker.
  4. Describe the dispute: in a few sentences, tell us what happened. Be descriptive, and include dates and times if possible. Also, let us know if you had an agreement with your opponent to arbitrate this issue. If you’re not sure, you most likely did not have an agreement, so select “No.” Zeyo Tip: Be as courteous & professional as possible in your description. Although emotions may be running high, it is always best to state your case in an even-mannered way.
  5. Tell us how much you are owed: Zeyo handles monetary claims, so let us know how much money you are seeking from your opponent, and if you’d like to give them the ability to Settle Right Away for 15% less than the claim amount. This helps speed up the process and avoids the necessity for a video conference hearing. For example, if you would like to claim $1,000, the Settle Right Away will auto-populate for $850. Zeyo Tip: If you’d like your opponent to cover your cost of using Zeyo, you can add that amount to your claim amount. Chat with us below and we’ll help you calculate the right claim amount.
  6. Schedule: tell us convenient times & dates in the event that your opponent would like a hearing: Pick three dates and times that work for your schedule.
  7. Payment: The $8 filing fee covers notifying your opponent & (if needed) hosting your video conference hearing with your opponent and a dispute resolution professional. In the event that the dispute resolution professional rules against you, nothing beyond this initial $8 filing fee is owed.

Any other questions? Chat with us below! We’re glad to help.

File a Claim